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A Multicultural and Interdisciplinary Publication of
the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma Foundation

In the Cross Timbers region the hardwood forest merges with the Great Plains. In this band running down the middle of the United States, flora and fauna of both areas can be found in surprising proximity. Only a few feet from tall bluestem grass are members of the orchid family. Dark oak trees with mossy bark flourish over prickly pear. Unlike that abrupt change where the last of the trees disappear as the mountains rise beyond where things will grow, the Cross Timbers is often mile upon mile of alternating woodland and grassland terrain. But the region is not limited to these natural phenomena. The cultural development of any such area will reflect both environments.

In Oklahoma the mixture is peculiarly rich in that Native Americans from the eastern United States were forcibly relocated to what was then called Indian Territory while native tribes of the northern plains were pushed southward by the destruction of the buffalo herds which had sustained them. Black slaves, now freed, found their way westward in hopes of finding freedom to build for themselves a place in the sun. Then, at the opening of the twentieth century, a European-based culture with its newly created upheavals of steel age technology entered the plains. In the last third of the century, people from Asia began to form substantial communities in the urban areas, and Mexicans and Mexican-Americans became an increasing factor in the work force.

The Cross Timbers, a land of mixture, in which ecologies and people mingle and connect, makes a good metaphor for a certain kind of education, one in which disciplines cross and enrich each other, art and ideas are welcomed from many cultures, and the liberal arts find rich soil in which to flourish.

Writers interested in having their poems, articles, or fiction published in CROSSTIMBERS should contact the appropriate editor.

  • EDITOR AT Large: Cecil Lee,

CROSSTIMBERS, a Multicultural and Interdisciplinary Journal, invites scholarly and creative submissions for Volume 13.1 (Spring/Summer 2013), to be published in August 2012.

Crosstimbers is a publication of the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma and reflects the school's mission as a public liberal arts college with a team-taught required interdisciplinary core program. USAO is one of only 27 member institutions of the exclusive Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges (COPLAC). Crosstimbers explores the liberal arts and liberal arts education.

We welcome contributions by faculty and students at liberal arts institutions (along with other contributors). We hope to examine the teaching of the liberal arts and the role of liberal arts in society. We seek to represent the range of disciplines in the liberal arts and encourage submission of essays and articles from a broad spectrum of disciplinary perspectives. In addition, we are interested in high-quality visual art, creative writing, and cross-genre work. We are particularly interested in work that draws insight from the crossing of disciplines.

Guidelines for Submissions

Crosstimbers is a journal of ideas rather than an academic publication. Articles should be free of discipline-specific jargon and extensive scholarly apparatus. Any appropriate and internally consistent documentation style is acceptable. Essays, creative nonfiction, reviews, interviews, and articles grounded in research but accessibly written are all welcome. Articles, essays, short stories, and mini-plays should not exceed 5000 words. Poems may range in style from formal to free verse.

Creative work may be submitted simultaneously if the fact is noted at the time of submission. For visual art we seek photography and photo essays, painting, ink drawings, computer art, cross-genre art, etc. Most images will be rendered in grayscale, but a few are chosen for color reproduction. Images should be sent electronically as JPG, PNG, or TIF files.

The Summer 13.1 edition of Crosstimbers is unthemed. Manuscripts must be e-mailed by May 31. We ask for electronic submission. Submissions may be sent as Word attachments to the appropriate editor or to Editor in Chief Ingrid Shafer, Queries may also be sent to Dr. Shafer. Crosstimbers is a primarily a print publication, but our production requires electronic files. Authors whose work we publish retain copyright to their work.

Please read the online editions of previous issues to become familiar with our journal. These issues may be found at or


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Publisher: USAO Foundation, Michael Nealeigh, Executive Director.

USAO complies fully with Section 3-1114 of Title 65 of the Oklahoma Statutes. This publication, printed by the Mercury Press, Oklahoma City, is issued by the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma Foundation, Inc. as authorized by the Foundation Board of Directors. A total of 2400 copies of each issue is prepared through financial support from private donors. Copies have been deposited with the Publication Clearinghouse of the Oklahoma department of Libraries and the Congressional Library. Rights to all materials appearing in CROSSTIMBERS remain with the author, artist, or source. The USAO Foundation may be contacted online at The editors may be contacted at 1727 W. Alabama, Chickasha, Oklahoma 73018-5322. Phone (405) 274-6547 (cell), (925) 954-1862 (home), or at Issue Price—$5.00. Subscription, 2 years (4 issues) $15.00. Last revised 8 December 2012 by ihs.